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how to beat depression

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Not For Everyone

The key to ending depression starts with accepting one simple principle.  If you can't accept this principle, then you don't want this program  . . . it won't work for you.  Before you can experience a happy and enriching life, something must change.  Obviously, they way you are currently doing life isn't working.  The change begins with accepting a basic principle. 

Can You Accept It?

This key principle that you need to accept is simple, but don't mistake it for simplistic.  This key principle may seem to be something you cannot possibly do, but it is very possible.

In fact, what I'm suggesting has been clinically proven to be as effective in combating depression as medication or even psychotherapy (see Depression research to the left).

Your current state of being makes you disposed to negativity.  You may quickly dismiss what I'm suggesting, even though what I'm suggesting is quite legitimate.  Don't allow your negative predisposition to eliminate your best opportunity for genuine happiness.  What is the principle?

Here is the principle: The key to Feeling Good for Good is to change your perceptions and your behaviors. 

"Oh, that's simplistic," or "That's impossible," you say.  But you would be mistaken and turn your back on a tool that will get you out of depression and into the fullness that life has to offer.

Need Some Persuading?

Let me tell you why changing your perceptions is not simplistic.  It is an obvious neurological fact that before you can experience anything, you must process it with your mind and give it meaning.  The meaning you ascribe to what is happening to you is the reason you feel the way you do. 

If your understanding of what is happening is accurate your feelings will be normal.  If your perception is twisted and distorted in someway, your emotional response is abnormal.  Depression falls into this latter category.  Changing the meaning you ascribe to events (your perception) will change the way you feel.

Let me tell you why changing your perceptions is not impossible.  You're way of thinking about events and perceiving the world are indeed ingrained and can be accurately described as . . .  "automatic."  But that doesn't mean they can't be changed. 

In fact, by following a few basic methods, methods detailed in the Feel Good for Good self-help program, it is easier than you think, especially given the fact that depression has distorted your thoughts. 

The very thought that you cannot change the way you perceive things is the kind of mental processing that is at the very core of your illness.

And Your Behaviors?

And what about changing your behaviors.  Depressed people tend to have specific behaviors that enhance the depression. They usually exhibit poor social skills, engage in few pleasant activities, experience many negative events, and think in depressing and ruminative ways. Changing these behaviors can make a big difference in overcoming depression.  And yes, these behaviors are ingrained.  But changing them is not impossible.  Behavioral methods attack these problems with a variety of strategies. These behaviors can be beaten.

No matter how miserable, depressed, pessimistic, and/or cynical you may now feel,  I'm convinced that you can experience beneficial effects.  All you got to do is accept the principle (and apply the methods).  It really is that simple.  If you can't accept the principle (changing your thoughts and behaviors is the way to beat depression), then this program isn't for you.

Get the Feel Good for Good Program

The Feel Good for Good Self-Help Program gives you the methods and support to do what probably seems to you to be impossible . . .  change your perceptions; and thereby change your life.  You can order it here.

Order the Feel Good for Good program today, and help yourself to a better tomorrow.


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