how to beat depression without medicine

How to Beat Depression Without Medicine

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"The Best Methods for Beating Depression"


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  1. Break the Destructive Cycle.
    Depression is a destructive cycle, but you're about to find out how to beat depression without medicine. With depression, the symptoms feed on each other--like a downward spiral, perpetuating negative, destructive emotions sometimes for months or even years, but this ebook gives you the tools to reshape your emotions and end depression for good.
  1. Enjoy the Things you Love.
    People with depression typically have no desire or energy to do anything, including the things they love. What is it that you love but haven't felt like doing because of the crippling effects of depression: tennis, reading, movies, music, hiking, camping, golfing, sports, writing? Don't you want to get back to it? I know you do.

    This ebook will restore your will, your desire, and your interests. You can and will do again the things you love.

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  1. Feel Good Relatively Quickly
    The feelings of hopelessness, despair, anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, and any other "black hole" of depression can be defeated. You can feel good again in a relatively quick time frame.

    Most people begin to feel better about their lives from the very first exercise. This does not mean you will immediately and completely whip depression, but you will be feeling better virtually right from the start.
  1. Feel Good About Yourself!
    Someone once said, "Depression is hate turned inward." This ebook helps bring healing to the negative feelings about your life and self.

    The turmoil surrounding your life will gradually diminish. You will; find a new sense of self-acceptance. A far brighter person will emerge. You will become the real you.

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How to Overcome Depression without Medicine: Change These Three

Three aspects of your being need to change to beat depression: your mind, your behaviors and your spirit.  Change these three, and you will change your emotions.  You will get to feeling good again, and feeling good feels wonderful.

Change Your Mind

It is an obvious neurological fact that before you can experience anything, you must process it with your mind and give it meaning.  The meaning you ascribe to what is happening to you is the reason you feel the way you do. 

If your understanding of what is happening is accurate your feelings will be normal.  If your perception is twisted and distorted in someway, your emotional response is abnormal.  Depression falls into this latter category.  Changing the meaning you ascribe to events (your perception) will change the way you to beat depression without medicine

Change Your Behaviors

There is a second major approach to mood elevation that is enormously effective.  People are not only thinkers, they are doers, so it is not surprising that you can substantially change the way you feel by changing the way you act. There's only one hitch when you are depressed, you don't feel like doing much.

One of the most disruptive aspects of depression is the way it paralyzes your willpower.   Virtually any activity appears so difficult that you become overwhelmed by the urge to do nothing.  Your lack of productivity aggravates your self-hatred, resulting in further isolation and making you even more incapacitated.  Changing your behaviors will change your will and change the way you feel.

Change Your Spirit

You are more than your thoughts and actions, you are a spiritual being; and as such you have the capacity to transcend your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.  You can transcend your depression.

You can change the way you feel by cultivating your spirit.  There are numerous ways to cultivate your spirit, but one of the most common is meditation.  And among the various approaches to meditation,  centering prayer is one of the most effective.  Change the way you feel by centering yourself.

Three Basic Approaches to Beat Depression without Medicine

There are three basic approaches for changing the way you feel:

  • Cognitive Therapy changes your mind(See the link below.)
    What is it?

  • Behavioral Therapy changes your actions.  (See the link below.)
    What is it?

  • Transpersonal Therapy changes your spirit.  (See the link below.)
    What is it?


"We now have a large body of research data and clinical experience which suggests that people can learn to control painful mood swings and self defeating behavior through the application of a relatively few simple principles and techniques."

Aaron T. Beck, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

The three approaches above are listed separately, but the three actually work together to change the mind; the three work together to change the spirit; and the three work together to change your actions.  And, thereby, change the way you feel so that you no longer feel depressed, but feel swell again.

(Cognitive therapy and Behavioral therapy are often combined into an approach called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  What is it?)

The combining of these three approaches might be eclectic, but it is also more holistic, treating the whole person, since your whole person is affected by your depressed state. That's how you beat depression.

The Feel Good for Good Self-Help Program for beating depression shows you and gives you the techniques and tools of the above approaches so you can put them into practice in your own life . . . and change your life for the better, ridding yourself of your depressed mood once-and-for-all.

You Might Be Thinking

You might be thinking, "This is the same old thing," or "I have tried the above before," and "None of that works for me." These very thoughts represent the kind of mental processing that is at the very core of your illness.

What I'm offering has been clinically proven to be as effective in combating depression as medication or even psychotherapy.  And the way this program is put together, I would be willing to bet, it is different than anything you have seen before regarding depression.

I will make you this guarantee: Put into practice the Feel Good for Good self-help program for beating depression; and if you don't feel better in just 30 days, I will refund your money.

Your current state of being makes you disposed to negativity.  Don't allow your negative predisposition to eliminate your best opportunity for genuine happiness.  You have nothing to lose but your depression. Get the resource that will show you how to beat depression without medicine for good.

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